Hi, my name is Lesley and I live in Australia.
it's myositis is a blog written by me to help others with myositis. I started it when I was diagnosed with inflammatory myositis and was looking for information about this disease and I thought others may benefit from the information I found. I am sorry that you or someone you knows has myositis in one of its forms but I hope you find this site useful.

I have myositis which is inflammation and weakness in the muscles. The type of myositis I have is called polymyositis (PM) which means it is in many muscles, especially those closest to the body - the thighs and upper arms.

There are other types of Myositis including (IBM) Inclusion Body Myositis and (DM) Dermatomyositis.

This blog is a view of how it affects every day life. 

I am not a medical specialist and do not recommend that you try any of the treatments on this site without discussing them with your medical professional.

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