What does Myositis mean for me?

I have polymyositis,which means inflammation in many muscles, if I remember correctly.

What it means to me in my everyday life is listed here:
  • I can no longer sit in a chair for longer than 1/2 an hour without having to get up and stretch
  • difficulty with walking up and down stairs
  • difficulty with getting out of chairs
  • pain in my muscles - especially those in my upper arms and upper legs
  • very difficult to squat
  • very difficult to get up off the floor
  • constant pain in muscles
  • arthritic pain in most joints, except knees
  • living on pain killers
  • enlarged muscles in my thighs and upper arms that make me look overweight
  • difficulty swallowing dry food
  • difficulty talking for more than about 10 minutes
  • pain from muscle use e.g. more than 1/2 an hour on computer gives pain in arm, neck and shoulders
  • when reading, text becomes blurry
  • chopping veges and other food prep is difficult and painful
  • standing for extended periods causes extra pain
  • many doctors visits to get prescriptions
  • specialist's visits
  • blood tests every month
Of cause every person is different and these are just some of my daily challenges.

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