I hate shopping

I never really use to love shopping, like some women do, but now I hate it because it causes me so much pain - the walking, the carrying of bags, the noise, the smells and the driving to get there.  I know I should shop online but I haven't quite got my head around that yet. Maybe this Christmas.
Help is a wonderful thing and knowing how to ask for it too. Now my husband helps by doing the food shopping I feel a great burden has been lifted from my shoulders - literally. It was the shoulders and arms that really ached for 2 days after food shopping.
The only thing I am sad about is my teenage daughter and her expectations of what other mothers do (take their daughters shopping) so about once a month I do take her shopping and we have morning tea and I just grit my teeth the next day, don't say anything and take extra pain meds.

I would love to know if you have any handy hints for making shopping for presents, clothes and food easier?


  1. I've NEVER liked shopping either, but WOW do these diseases make it even worse! UGH! I'm a dedicated online shopper! Thankful for the Internet!!!

  2. Yes I'm going to have to get my head around it this Christmas cause walking the shops IS BECOMING LESS OF AN OPTION.


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