There are more things in heaven and earth

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy

Said by Hamlet  Hamlet Act 1, scene 5, 159–167

I'm not sure if I am losing part of my brain function or

if it's the constant pain but I cannot remember why I started this post or where it was meant to go.
This morning in the kitchen, I asked my son to get "the silver metal wire thing" to stir the pancake mix he was making. The whisk? he questioned. Yes!

So what else is happening? I am constantly forgetting words, I cannot remember many people's names and can't take in much of the written word before losing concentration. Also when I first go onto the computer I have a plan, you know like - answer that email or read that post - but I get so easily distracted and end up somewhere completely different and don't even remember how I got there.
Do these things happen to you? Do you know if all these things are related in the brain? We need one of those people who you go to see after you've seen the Gp who know all about the brain.(Joke) Oh that's the other thing... I make jokes that other people just never get.


  1. Me too! I just wrote about this same issue and I'm a writer so it's not good to forget simple words! I blamed my meds. I hope it's the meds! Ironically I couldn't remember the word 'prednisone' the other day & said "I'm on medication that suppresses my immune system." LOL!

  2. I'm laughing - it's just good to know it happens to others as well. I have given up trying to remember people's names and am glad I'm a source of amusement to my teenagers when i say the wrong things.


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