The Checklist is provided to help you think of all the tasks you do and may need assistance with. This checklist is something you may find useful if you are starting to have difficulties with daily activities such as personal grooming like shaving or brushing your hair or preparing and cooking food.

I do have problems with these and like some of the suggestions:
Do you use or would you like to use adaptive devices to prepare meals?
For example:
• Rocker knife
• Mini-food processor/chopper
• Adapted spatula
• Color coded burners and knobs
• Digital timer
• Lightweight unbreakable bowls
• Lower work surfaces

This checklist is not only good to face facts and clarify these concerns for yourself but it may help your doctor, specialist or rehabilitation specialist of physiotherapist to understand where you are and how to offer help.
Keep in mind though it is not specific for Myositis.

If anyone does know of a checklist that is specific for muscle disease please let us know. Thanks.


  1. Well hello there! My name is Lachy and I suffered from Juvenile Dermatomyositis. I literally have tears in my eyes thinking that there might be another young adult out there in Australia who has some idea of what I went through! I'm in NSW. Here's my blog:
    My email is:
    Would love to hear from you!

    1. Hi Lachlan, pleased to "meet" you. I am in NSW also but not a young adult - an older one - not that I think that matters at all. I have Polymyositis which I believe is the same as Dermatomyositis except you have the added discomfort/pain etc of the skin manifestation. I cannot believe how bad it would be to get this disease as a young person. I was relatively healthy as a teenager and in my 20's. Hope we can keep in contact. Will visit your blog

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