Assessing my muscle disease

I am off to the specialist tomorrow.
That means today, and this week, I am assessing what I am up to as far as my health is concerned, specifically my myositis.
My muscle disorder causes weakness and pain and muscle wasting.

Myositis is an autoimmune disease caused by inflammation of the muscles.  I have been told I have Polymyositis which causes muscle weakness in the muscles closest to the trunk of your body including the upper arms and upper thighs.
Other symptoms include:
  • Fatigue after walking or standing
  • Tripping over
  • Difficulty getting to a standing position
  • Fatigue after walking upstairs
  • Trouble swallowing
So what will I be discussing with my specialist includes the new symptoms I have which include:
  • extra weakness noticed when trying to lift things
  • more frequent tripping (but not falling)
  • memory concerns
  • extra weakness in my chest
  • pain behind my right eye, right ear and on the base of the skull
  • increased finger and hand weakness with turning keys, using scissors, holding knives, chopping food and opening cans.
  • more tingling and numbness in lower arms 
I will be taking this list with me. I am not sure if all the things in my list are related to myositis but they need mentioning, in my opinion. Another thing I have found that I think is extremely useful 10-point functional rating scale for patients with inclusion body myositis (IBMFRS) which is posted here.


  1. Maryanne7:18 PM

    How did you go at the muscle specialist? What kind of doctor is this anyway? Thanks

    1. Hi Maryanne, I attend a nerve and muscle clinic in a hospital in Sydney. The specialist I usually see is a neurologist but also the physiotherapist. They recommended an emg for the numbness and tingling and to continue with hydrotherapy.

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  3. Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM) is a condition that causes muscles to become thin and weak. Treatment for Inclusion Body Myositis is to boost muscle growth. One way to do this is to interfere with the mechanisms naturally present in the muscle that put the brakes on muscle growth so that muscles remain within the normal size range.


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