Falling over with myositis

myositis and falls
Weakness in my legs causes me to fall or trip, which can be both embarrassing and scary.
Falling does make me feel vulnerable.

So far I have only fallen over at home and only once at work, when no one saw.  I am not clumsy, I have muscle weakness caused by Polymyositis. I have fallen down the stairs and I have tripped up the stairs and I have tripped over my own feet. Apparently falls are the leading cause of home injury deaths with nearly 6,000 lives claimed per year in the USA as a result of falls in the home.  

I think I fall over in my home as I am not practicing my conscious walking when I am in the perceived safety of my own home.  

According to one UK study Falls are a common occurrence for people with IBM, independent of age and years since symptoms first presented, and are poorly addressed by appropriate physiotherapy management. National falls guidelines are not being followed, and referral rates to physiotherapy need to improve. I could find no similar information regarding Polymyositis and falls.

Physiotherapists say that we can improve our balance, strength and coordination through exercise. These are the things that contribute to falls. I really do feel that I have improved my balance from weekly balance exercises in the hydrotherapy pool.

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