Just about today

Today I spent a lot of time on the computer - too much I fear, as I will feel it tomorrow. I feel it now the burning pain in my thighs and the dull ache in my shoulders. This is par for the course with myositis and I am trying to sit only for half an hour at a time and then get up and do something different as the pain specialist suggested.

(Being a specialist in pain, wouldn't that be depressing! I know they are helping and I think it is wonderful that we have them but seeing people in chronic pain all day could be a downer.)

Also I did some housework, ironed a shirt, cleaned the kitchen benches after breakfast, cooked the lunch, and folded some washing, but the pile just seems to get bigger.

My son was home today so he helped me, for about an hour, doing chores that are too awkward like getting things that had fallen off the line and hanging the washing out.

Have to go and take my pain killers now. Good Day to you.


  1. Thank you for being part of the # 82 Disability Blog Carnival which is up now.

  2. Thanks for hosting it - most interesting collection of firsts

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