Knowing what it is helps

On January 1st, 2010 I listed my most concerning symptoms to tell my specialists,  as still no diagnosis after many years.  It is a long list of 18 symptoms. It is interesting to look back as after over a year of trying prednisone, acupuncture and most recently Azathioprine , a drug that suppresses the immune system, all these symptoms still persist.

This may seem depressing but there has been a major shift in me just knowing that I have a correct diagnosis this time, from a muscle biopsy. I can most days not concern myself with the symptoms, just take my pain killers and get on with my day. 

My pain specialist says she has seen a great change in me just knowing and not searching for answers anymore and also understanding this is for the long haul...so I think we call this acceptance.

I am a work in progress - I am not my disease.

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