Only sad, not lonely

Thank goodness for the internet and the distraction and connection that it give us. It allows me the cathartic pleasure of getting things off my chest when no one else will listen. For me this does seem to help alot.

"Today I woke up and it all just hit me - like a freight train - I hadn't seen coming.  I can't go to the shops, I can't walk around and look for clothes for my grandson's christening...walking really hurts and I probably need to change my job! ( I work part time only 7 hours a week!)

I know there are lots of people worse off than me and normally I am a person of blissful bravado but once again the old Loss, Letting Go and then Get On With It Again has reared up. I don't think it has an ugly head but it is probably necessary to let me down slowly, bit by bit, over the continual limiting restrictions, that many chronic diseases must bring and the course my PM is taking, despite what I try.
Good luck to you all with the fight and thank goodness for the internet or we would be lonely as well as sad.
P.S. I am not sad every day."

This is what, or very similar to what, I posted on Daily Strength Forums. Thank you to all those there on the myositis forums for their continual and ongoing support.

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