Infections in Myositis

Thanks to the Daily Strength Polymyositis & Dermatomyositis Support Group it is a great supportive forum and this link was suggested Opportunistic infections in polymyositis and dermatomyositis when we were discussing infections.
From what I, as a layman, can understand it means that we do get more infections and the worrying thing is they can kill us! "high frequency of opportunistic infections in PM/DM, resulting in an increased mortality rate". 
Most of the infections (89%) were lung and digestive in this study and digestive includes candida albicans. "daily doses of steroids, lymphopenia, and lower serum total protein levels were significantly more frequent in the group of PM/DM patients with opportunistic infections." I think this means, but I stand to be corrected, that the causes for the infections could be the steroids, most of us take daily in our first year after diagnosis, the lowered white blood cells which I think are a consequence of medications and lower serum total protein levels which are found in many autoimmune conditions.
"results suggest that PM/DM patients presenting with factors predictive of opportunistic infection may require closer monitoring." For me this means stop ignoring my sinus infection and my candida and go back to the doctor. (AGAIN) My attitude has been oh, they are annoying but not life threatening. I now realise I have to look after myself as no one else is going to.

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