Christmas myositis update

Everything is going smoothly. Hurrah!
I am going okay in the lead up to the great Christmas party at our house - over 20 guests.
This okayness is only due to large amounts of help from family. Thanks to my husband who shops and wraps gifts and has written most of the cards this year; to my teenage daughter who has come shopping with me for the hour here and there I can manage; to my sister in laws who are cooking the ham and turkey and pudding.

Wishing you a wonderful time
however and whatever you


  1. Have a wonderful Christmas - well done in the pacing department!


  2. Merry Christmas!
    Have fun and remember to take a break once in a while.

  3. Thanks guys I think I am get the hang of pacing and hope you are too.

  4. We are doing a minimal stress free Christmas here too, downscaling Christmas actually feels much nicer.
    I have made many friends with scleroderma on Facebook, but since myositis is even rarer, it is great to read your blog and share some of the frustrations, Chris


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