Coping with Christmas and chronic illness

Christmas shopping is proving difficult, tiring and causing extra unmanageable pain in an already overburdened body.  Shopping online is an option but I think I have left that too late to receive the gifts in time. Next year I will have to start planning and purchasing much earlier. How are you managing?

"Holidays act like a lightning rod where all the physical and social concerns around chronic illness get really highlighted," says Patricia Fennell, MSW, LCSW-R. She explains that the demands and expectations around holidays can "out" people whose conditions were hardly noticeable. During the year, they spend so much of their energy working and handling the daily chores of living that they have little time left for socializing. Come the holidays, they're expected to show up and contribute. Experts describe strategies to let people with chronic illness enjoy the holidays

Ideas to get organised, if you are interested can be found at:
The Practical Fibromite (helpful for any chronic illness)

- make sure I do not run out of  medications over the holiday season when pharmacies may be closed on certain days.
- allow extra time to get ready for everything
- make sure I still get daily rest and relaxation
- try and keep normal routines of taking tablets and looking after myself
Do you have any other suggestions?


  1. If there are stores I like, I sign up for their email lists because they send you alerts about sales and stuff. A good time to look for them is cyber Friday, like black friday online. It is enough time to shop and have the presents shipped if you have money at the end of November. There aalso is the option of gift cards to stores that people like


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