Gobbeldy GOOK

I had never come across this before - when I tried to copy and paste something from an article it turned out like this:  "gobpyfdfcwk}f hppyohgd cffjfj zo hjjyfww zdf bvlzkmhgzoykhlfzkolon{ om gdyockg jkwfhwf hcj zdf gobplft, pyogfww"oykfczfj,kczfnyhzk}f, zdfyhpfvzkg hppyohgdfw zdf{ yfxvkyf#"   !!!

Was this what was happening in my body? All the messages were getting confused and going haywire and turning into gobbeldey gook? What the article actually said was: The comprehensive approach needed to address the multifactorial etiology of chronic disease and the complete, process orientated, integrative, therapuetic approaches they require.
Also quite difficult to understand but I think it means many factors are involved in the cause of chronic disease, and this means it needs a many pronged approach of different therapies to help the disease.
So for me this is taking pain medication, immunosuppressants, doing daily exercises and stretches, pacing activities, hydrotherapy, massage (when I can afford it) limiting stress and probably other things I don't remember right now.
Do you think I got it right?

Article mentioned : Changes in emotonal acceptance of disease after therapeutic intervention of patients with addictions and depressive disorders, original research by Arndt Bussing MD and Gotz Mundle MD

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  1. Yep I think your cut and paste exercise is as close as most of the rearch has arrived to reasons for auto immune diseases. Dear friends send me stuff about boosting my immune system, hard for them to grasp, ours are seriously over active and most of the drugs I take are to lower my immune system. I guess one good part is I hardly ever get a full blown cold just some sniffles while every body else is really sick.


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